An ongoing conference geared toward challenging and equipping you for stronger leadership in your home, workplace, and community.

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Whether leaders are born or made, there remains a need to equip and challenge men and women to be all they should be in order to fulfill whatever leadership calling God has placed on their life.

The Leadership Series is an ongoing conference with sessions held throughout the year.

Join us for these Thursday evening sessions of high-impact teaching and interaction with proven leaders.

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Session Archive

Season 3, Session 4 // May 5, 2022

Jen Pollock Michel

Habits of the abiding life

Jen is the author of four books, one of which was awarded Christianity Today’s Book of the Year. She lives in Toronto with her husband and five children. Jen knows a few things about having a busy life and she’ll bring us some wisdom on the importance of remaining connected to Jesus through all seasons of life.

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Season 3, Session 3 // February 3, 2022
Dayo Idowu

The Church: Learning to love despite our differences!

Dayo Idowu is the president/co-founder of CHIPROMS INC. a Christian charitable organization, whose focus is on rescuing, caring, and advocating for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa. Dayo also is the president/CEO of Dorvict Home and Health Care Services. In his spare time, Dayo consults, teaches, and trains diversity in businesses and amongst church leaders.

Season 3, Session 2 // November 4, 2021
Dr. Rick Reed

How to Keep From Losing Heart in Ministry

Dr. Rick Reed is the president of Heritage College & Seminary and teaches in the areas of preaching and pastoral theology. He is committed to training and equipping Christ followers for ministry.

Season 3, Session 1 // September 24, 2021
Rich Birch

What do you do when you’re faced with a crisis that could derail you?

Rich Birch is one of the early multi-site church pioneers in North America. In this session he will talk about “The Dip of Doubt” that we can experience in difficult situations.

Season 2, Session 4 // May 6, 2021
Darryl Dash

Applying the gospel to all areas of your life

Many people feel stuck in their Christian lives. Darryl Dash will explore the role of joy focusing on making an eternal difference in the lives of others.

Season 2, Session 3 // March 4, 2021
Shaila Visser

Strategic leadership direction relevant to all areas of life

Shaila Visser is the National Director of Alpha Canada. In conversation with Pastor Todd she shares strategic leadership direction that is relevant to all areas of life.

Season 2, Session 2 // January 21, 2021
Dr. Tim Laniak

Shepherds after my own heart: Reviving the biblical model of leadership

Dr. Laniak is a professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has written a book, While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks, that will deeply impact your view of leadership.

Season 2, Session 1 // October 1, 2020
Dr. Charles Price

Six things learned through failures, tears, struggles, and ineffectiveness, which can become central to ministry.

Dr. Price is pastor-at-large at The Peoples Church in Toronto.

Season 1, Session 2 // February 6, 2020
Carey Nieuwhof

5 Keys to Building Trust on Teams.

Carey is the founding teaching pastor of Connexus Church and provides web content accessed over a million times a month by leaders.

Season 1, Session 1 // November 14, 2019
Paul Estabrooks

Lessons of endurance, victory, and perseverance as taught by the persecuted church.

Paul is a veteran cross-cultural missionary who led a project that saw one million Bibles delivered in China in one night.